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Barbara Breidenback
3694 Main Road
Franklinville, NJ 08322
Phone (856) 875-4435 - Phone/ Fax (856) 629-8577

Welcome to Misty Morn Chihuahuas

     "MISTY MORN KENNELS" began over 50 years ago, having bred and produced some of the top Winning, Show and Working Australian Shepherds. Due to a car accident in 1986, I found it very hard to continue handling the larger breed of dog. After much research, and studying smaller breeds of dogs, I fell in love with the Chihuahua.

     Over 15 years ago "MISTY MORN CHIHUAHUAS" became the result of a promise I made that I would dedicate myself to breeding, producing and exhibiting, a sound, healthy, beautiful "Chihuahua" with an excellent temperament. Since that time I have finished many champions and look forward to finishing more in the future.

     After researching and studying bloodlines I carefully selected some of the best lines, and have now developed a breeding program of my own.

     All of my breedings are carefully selected and planned. The progeny of these breedings, which have the dominate traits that I desire, are retained for my further breeding program.

     My goal continues to be to produce the outstanding, sweet dogs that Misty Morn Chihuahuas has became known for. My Chihuahuas are not only my pets, they are my family.

     While I am a show breeder first and foremost, sometimes a puppy is just not suited for the show ring. While these Chihuahuas may never become a champion, they will make someone a wonderful pet.

     My puppies are never sold before 12 weeks old. They are vet checked for hips, patellas, eyes, and hearts. They are up to date on all vaccinations.

     All pet puppies are sold with a written spay/neuter contract. I do not knowingly sell to any pet shops, puppy mills or third parties. References are also required to ensure that my puppies are going to a loving and safe home.

     "Every breeding is planned with a responsibility kept in mind." "I strive to achieve the best results I can in my breeding program." "Sound mind and sound body is the goal here at Misty Morn Kennels."

     If you are interested in a Misty Morn Chihuahua puppy for pet or show, please contact me.
Barbara Breidenback
3694 Main Road
Franklinville, NJ 08322
(856) 875-4435
(856) 629-8577 (fax)

I am proud to be a member of:

The Chihuahua Club of America,
The Chihuahua Club of Mid-Jersey,
The Chihuahua Club of Maryland

Some of my pedigrees consist of:

Bayard, Hurd, Diadem, Quachitah, RJR, Genbrook, Minegold,
Jen-Jean, Misalou's, Toy Valley, Pittore.

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